AMEROPA ŽITNI TERMINAL is a limited liability company for storing, manipulation, transport and trade in agricultural and other products with a subscribed capital of 30,028,900.00 Croatian kuna.

A trading company Žitni terminal d.o.o. was founded in June 2006. The company's head office is in Vranjic, near Split. Žitni terminal d.o.o., which in 2012 changed its name in Ameropa žitni terminal d.o.o., is a member of the Ameropa Group, headed by Ameropa Holding AG, Basel, Switzerland.

Despite the global and national economic crisis, the company, since its founding, has grown steadily and has become an increasingly important factor in trade of agricultural products in Croatia, that is, one of the largest purchasers of agricultural products in a domestic market and one of the largest exporters of Croatian agricultural products both in the EU and worldwide. The company employs 50 people at the moment.

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